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Chrysalis International, Inc. offers the following services for educators, pastors, and children's ministries:

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Chrysalis International Vision Seminar

This one-day seminar is designed for pastors and educators to cast the vision of Christian education based on Biblical principles of teaching and learning. The following describes the seminar in detail.

Session 1: First Principles of Nation Building

The Bible contains God's truths, or principles, for every area of life and learning including education. Today around the world, education is held hostage by the world's system through secular humanism and passivity in the classroom and a global pop culture that promotes hedonism, sexual perversion, and New Age religion in society and its institutions.

The book of Nehemiah provides the bedrock principles and key steps that pastors, teachers, and parents need for rebuilding the foundation of education. God called two leaders out of exile-civil governor Nehemiah and religious educator and high priest Ezra- to rebuild both the external wall of defense and the internal religious, educational, and civil life of Jerusalem as He prepared for the birth of the Messiah.

Christian education that teaches God's principles is the best defense for any nation. Building strong Christians and healthy Christian nations begins with an educational system that lays God's principles at its foundation. God desires fresh vision and commitment for educating this rising generation, so they can courageously fulfill their unique place in Christ, His Story in the 21st century.

Session 2: What Makes Education Christian?

Education is not neutral! It reflects the world view or philosophy of those who govern the choices and decisions about education: those who enact education laws; those who design the curriculum; those who teach and the methods they employ in the classroom; the authors of textbooks. In most educational systems, whether government or Christian, the philosophy of the world's system reigns! Christians need to know what makes education Christian. The two historic models of Hebrew and Greek education are contrasted and historic examples highlighted. Participants will be awakened and instructed so they can lay a new foundation for Christian education upon Biblical principles and Christian methods and curriculum for the children in this rising generation!

Session 3: Reflective Learning - A Biblical Method for God's People

Learning in today's classroom is driven by the pursuit of information, as students memorize and parrot back "right answers" for the A on the test. It is consumer-driven, conditioned learning given in bite-sized pieces and produces a functionally illiterate society.

God's way of learning is reflective, focused on mastering the art of thinking and reasoning with truth in order to attain a Christian world and life view. The Notebook Method, both a method for reflective learning and a tool for Biblical reasoning, is taught and practiced. It has the power to break the poverty of ideas in both the teacher and the student providing principles for problem solving and creativity for curriculum building. Based on the four steps of natural learning:1] research, 2] reason, 3] relate, and 4] record, it is the age-old method found in the educational background of many of the world's greatest thinkers and leaders in history. It is both letter (external) and spirit (internal) and produces lively teaching and inspired learning. This is the Biblical method that restores academic excellence and the love of learning and forms Christian scholarship and character within both teacher and student for achieving greatness in the Lord!

Session 4: Gaining a Christian View of the Child

Children and childhood are in crisis around the world. A culture can be judged by the way it treats its children and its senior members of society. Christ taught His disciples that the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is a little child. The most tender scenes of the Gospels include Christ with children and reveal the father-heart of God. We live in an age which is in opposition to this Christian view of the child! Most Christian educators and parents have a very secular view of children, because most have been educated in secular schools and universities! Our minds need renewed so we can see the great potential of Christ within each child and call it forth! We are to lovingly "feed His lambs" with the hope and tenderness of Christ, seeing each as unique and of great worth. The central doctrine of Christianity is that man is created in God's image and destined for immortality, pronouncing all are equal in the sight of God. This concept brings healing to both child and adult. These are the principles that ennoble children and lead out their potential to fulfill their destiny.

Session 5: God's Providence, Your Calling, and Your Nation's Place in History

There is no such thing as both profane and sacred history! All history is Christ, His Story. God is the author of His Story and the theme is eternal love and mercy. Sovereign God raises up nations and leaders and brings them down, as well, for His gospel purposes in Christ (Ephesians 1:9-10). God never launches an event until He has providentially prepared and equipped an individual or a people who are capable through His guidance and power to fulfill His purposes. Christians need to study God's Hand in the history of your nation, discern your calling, and take your God-ordained place. Historic biographic sketches will be highlighted and each participant will be challenged to seek God's direction for your nation in the 21st century!

Questions and Answers - Envisioning the Next Step

"To be a schoolmaster is next to being king . . . In the opinion of fools it is a humble task, but in fact it is the noblest of occupations!" (Erasmus, Dutch theologian, 1400s)

The people who know their God will be strong and to exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many. - Daniel 11:32b-33a

Chrysalis International's Mission:

"Disciple leaders by Biblical principles, methods, and tools of Christian education and government for individual and cultural reformation"

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